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May 23, 2017


Wraparound Services


Dr. Lucille Eber, a national expert on Wraparound, is currently  partnering with the NYS PBIS TAC to roll out Wraparound Training in New York State.


To access resources developed by Dr. Lucille Eber and the Illinois PBIS Network visit our Wraparound Resources page.


Wraparound is an approach to culturally-sensitive service delivery for students whereby multiple providers, services, agencies, and organizations are streamlined for person-centered planning. 

Within the PBIS model, wraparound approaches are often instituted within tier 3 because the students who require this intensive level of support are likely receiving services from multiple providers at the individual, family, and community level. 

A team is necessary to ensure the delivery of services in a coordinated fashion so that beneficial outcomes can occur for the student, family, and teachers that are partners within the rehabilitation process.

There are four phases within the wraparound approach that the team creates for the seamless access, referral, and delivery of coordinated services.


Lucille Eber at Wraparound TrainingPhase One: Team Development     

                         - Get people ready to be a team

                         - Complete strengths/needs charts


Phase Two: Initial Plan Development

                         - Hold initial planning meetings

                         - Develop a team “culture”


Phase Three: Plan Implementation & Refinement

                        - Hold team meetings to review plans

                        - Modify, adapt & adjust team plan


Phase Four:  Plan Completion & Transition

Lucille Eber at Wraparound Training                        - Define good enough

                        - “Unwrap”








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