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May 23, 2017

 School-Wide Information System




What is SWIS?

SWIS is a web-based information system designed to help school personnel to use office referral data to design school-wide and individual student interventions. The three primary elements of SWIS are:

•An efficient system for gathering information
•A web-based computer application for data entry and report generation
•A practical process for using information for decision making


Who should become a SWIS Facilitator?

Individuals who are employed by a school or a district implementing PBIS may become a Facilitator. Most SWIS Facilitators allocate only a portion of their FTE (e.g. .10-.50) to the tasks associated with SWIS facilitation.

In order for schools to gain access to SWIS, they must work through a SWIS Facilitator. A SWIS Facilitator is a person who has been trained to assist schools in building information systems, and providing the on-site training for SWIS use.  A SWIS Facilitator may work with many schools, and traditionally is a person who works out of the centralized location (e.g. district, regional office, county).


How do Schools adopt SWIS?

  1. Schools interested in adopting SWIS will be asked by a SWIS Facilitator to address the following requirements:


1. School wide discipline is one of the top three goals of the school.


2. There is administrative support for the implementation and use of SWIS as  a

     decision-making tool.


3. The school has a coherent office discipline referral process.
          a. Problem behaviors are clearly defined.
          b. The rules for assigning an office referral are used consistently         

                across faculty.

           c. The process captures all problem behavior events needed for effective 



4. The school uses an office discipline referral form that is consistent with SWIS 

      format, content and problem behavior definitions.


  1. 5. A behavior support team exists, and will review SWIS data at least monthly.


  1. 6. The behavior support team agrees to a 90-minute training on use of SWIS data

  2.       for decision-making (this training will be delivered by the SWIS Facilitator).


  1. 7. Personnel time is identified for data entry and report generation.


  1. 8. Three people within the school are identified to receive one 2-3 hour session of

  2.      uninterrupted training on the use of SWIS (this training will be delivered by the

  3.      SWIS Facilitator).


  1. 9. The school has computer access to the Internet, and one of two web browsers

  2.      (Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher for PC, Safari 1.0 or higher, Mozilla 1.5 or higher,

  3.      Firefox 1.5 or higher, or Netscape 7.0 or higher).


  1. 10. The school district agrees to provide a facilitator who will work with school

  2.       personnel on data collection and decision-making procedures.



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