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May 23, 2017


Family Involvement in PBIS


PBIS is not just for schools!

Families play an important part in their child's education and social development. The link between families and positive behavioral interventions and supports is an important one.  The presence of parents in schools not only provides additional academic supports but also creates community and cultural connections.


In many schools, family participation in the school-wide positive behavior support process is growing. Family members are part of state, district, and school planning teams and participate in school-wide activities in a variety of ways. Family members participate in the assessment and problem solving process to create individualized positive behavior support plans for their children.


Picture of boy and girl in hallway

Parents and family members can work with the school to learn more about PBIS implementation both in school and at home. Opportunities include:

               • participating on a planning team

               • volunteering at PBIS related school activities

               • sharing PBIS with the community



Contact your school to find out how you can get involved!


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