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May 23, 2017


Evaluation Resources:


The ability to make data based decisions is an intricate part of PBIS. The evaluation process allows schools to collect the necessary data to assess implementation at each tier of PBIS and to monitor progress. 

Here is a compilation of different types of tools that can be utilized in the implementation and progress monitoring of the PBIS systems.

Please note: It is not necessary nor appropriate for schools to use every single tool listed here. This section of a website should be utilized to inform individuals or schools of the different types of tools available.


New York State timeline for specific evaluation tools

Evaluation Tool Timeline



Early Childhood Evaluation Tools

Early Childhood Benchmarks of Quality (EC BoQ)

Early Childhood System-wide Evaluation Tool: Program-wide (EC SET-PW)

Early Childhood Self-Assessment Survey (EC SAS)



Tier 1 Evaluation Tools

Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ)

Data Audit Tool (DAT)

Multi-Tiered Action Plan (MAP)

PBS Implementation Checklist (PIC)

Phases of Implementation (PoI)

School Safety Survey (SSS)

Self Assessment Survey (SAS)



Tier 2  & Tier 3 Evaluation Tools

Benchmarks for Advanced Tiers (BAT)

Checklist for Individual Student Systems (CISS)

Monitoring Advanced Tiers Tool (MATT)

System Response Tool (SRT)

Tier 2/3 Tracking Tool


Wraparound Evaluation Tools

Education Information Tool (EI-T)

Family/Caregiver Satisfaction Survey (FS-T)

Home, School, Community Tool (HSC-T)

Student Disposition Tool (SD-T)

Tertiary Student Discharge Tool

Wraparound Integrity Tool (WIT)

Youth Satisfaction Tool (YS-T)



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